Data Privacy Policy of Gut-Versichert application (hereinafter “the application” or “the app”)


kasko2go adheres to the principles of confidentiality of your data when processing them. We collect data when you use Gut-Versichert application and the products included in it in order to be able to provide you with car insurance offers from insurance carriers of your choice, assess accident probability rate for each trip, and provide you with a good driver discount.

We commit ourselves to the responsible handling of your data and would like to explain to you in more detail here the specifics of their collection, aggregation, storage, processing, use and transmission.

We comply with the applicable statutory regulations, namely the Swiss Data Protection Law.


Who we are:

We are a young innovative company offering driving behaviour evaluation directly via smartphone. With our product, you will be able to get your driving rated and can get a discount based on your driving behaviour with our partner insurance carriers.

kasko2go AG

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How can you contact us?

You can contact us at

kasko2go AG

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or via


Legal basis

Your personal data are processed in accordance with Art. 4 of the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DSG).


What data are collected and processed and for what purposes?

General Purpose

When you use our app, we collect some data to deliver tailor-made user-friendly experience, provide services and improve our products and services.

When you use Gut-Versichert app, we collect data required to use it and to create a user account.


When getting offers

The following personal data:
full name, gender, citizenship, vehicle data (year of manufacture, car model code, brand, model line, fuel type, model), your driving score, registered residential address, phone number, email are used to get insurance offers.

These personal data are stored only on your  smartphone and are transmitted to the insurers of your choice directly from your device when you select which insurance carriers to share these data with to get their insurance offers.

We neither have access to it, nor process them, nor transfer them to our servers, nor store them!!!!


When you use the app and when it runs in the background

When you use Gut-Versichert app, we collect your location data.

Location data mean data on location and motion of your smartphone, and therefore the data on location and specifics of motion of your car (vehicle location and movement speed, duration of use, accelerations, braking, etc.)

We use Fitness/ Physical Activity data to define the type of activity to detect the start and end of motion. As soon as we detect driving activity, our app starts recording telematics data related to the trip, namely location, speed, time, accelerometer readings, gyroscope readings.

We use your location to show your trips on a map in the app, to assess accident probability rate taking into account your driving behaviour, to show you high-risk locations, to rate your driving and calculate your driving score, used to calculate a good driver discount.

Please, note that your location data are collected in the background. However, only the data corresponding to “in-car activity” are transmitted to the server.

You can revoke your once given consent to process your location data at any time by just changing permission settings on your phone. In this case it won’t be possible for us to evaluate and therefore rate your driving, but in this case the very use of this app become irrelevant.    

We won’t use your location for any other purposes apart from the above-described ones.


Use of partner services

kasko2go cooperates with insurance carriers and other business partners. kasko2go has no influence over the data processing executed by these companies. We rely on the data privacy notices and policies of these third-party providers.


Log files and hash-function-based identification technologies

We collect and use the information that you submit to us when using our services via Gut-Versichert (location, time, duration of use; type of vehicle; covered distance, etc.). We need this information to evaluate and rate your driving. When you use our app, we use log files and hash function based on value of several parameters as our identification system. It’s not possible to relate or link trip data to your personal data without physical access to your mobile device. These log files and hash-function-based identification system serve, among other things, to authenticate users, save user settings, analyze our app.

This allows us to offer you a personalised app experience.

When you download the app, you accept these terms and conditions.


Device information

We may record the type of device or browser you use, including the model, operating system, software, language, so we can improve the quality of the app operation on various devices.

We use device advertising identifiers to help determine how users find us. E.g. once you download the app, we may be able to know which of our ads you saw beforehand (like a Facebook ad, or whether you found us via a Google search). This helps us direct resources at the most effective advertising channels, which in turn helps us keep customer costs to a minimum.


Who does this Data Privacy Policy apply to?

This Data Privacy Policy applies to all users of the app regardless of the access method or type of use (including access via mobile devices) and to any and all data to be disclosed when using the product.

Including but not limited to the following data:

-       full name

-       registered address

-       gender

-       citizenship

-      vehicle data (year of manufacture, car model code, brand, model line, fuel type, model)

-      location and motion  

-       ІР-addresses

-       emails

-       phone number

All the other data from this list apart from location and motion are not transferred to our servers or processed by us.  

Our mobile app is not intended for minors under 18. We do not knowingly collect or solicit data from children under 18. We don’t collect personal data on our servers. If you are a parent or a guardian and believe that your child may have provided personal data, please contact the insurance carriers the child has shared the data with so that they can take the required measures.


Can your data be shared with the third parties?

 We don’t have access to your personal data, apart from location which we can’t link in any way to other personal data without physical access to your phone. Your personal data are stored only on your device and shared only with insurers you select!

Your personal data (apart from location) may be sent only directly from your smartphone (the only place they are stored) not entering our servers in the following case:

-    to the insurance companies you choose to share information with in order to get their insurance offers with a discount based on your driving score if you qualify for one.

Your anonymized location data can be shared with our affiliates: we may share your data with our subsidiaries and other affiliates, but only if such legal entities are either subject to this Privacy Policy or follow the practices ensuring at least the same level of protection as the one described herein.


Are your personal data used to provide ads?

No, your personal data are not used to provide ads.


How long do we retain the data we collect?

Data retention period depends on the purpose of data processing. Data will be retained only for as long as necessary for business purposes and appropriate.

Data that we have to retain for a certain length of time based on statutory requirements (e.g. in the case of documentary and retention duties for proper accounting for legal or tax-related reasons) will not be deleted.

Once the purpose for storing no longer applies or the prescribed retention period expires, we block or delete the data routinely and in accordance with the statutory provisions.


Which measures are implemented to protect your data?

We implement technical and organisational security measures in order to safeguard your personal data against manipulation, loss, destruction or against unauthorized access as well as to guarantee the protection of your rights and compliance with the applicable data protection laws.

The measures taken are designed to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data as well as guaranteeing the availability and capacity of our systems and services in the processing of your data in the long term. They should also ensure the speedy recovery of the availability of the data and access to this in the event of a physical or technical incident.

Our data processing and implemented security measures are improved continuously in line with technical developments.

Highly sensitive data (e.g. your account login credentials) are encrypted when transmitted over the Internet (SSL).

Hash function-based identification system relying on value of several parameters renders it impossible to connect trip data to your personal data without physical access to your mobile device through anonymising your data.


Your Rights

You have the right to be informed, the right to access, the right of erasure, the right to restrict the processing, the right to object and to revoke your consent to such processing.

In case we process your personal data, you can request information on this processing at no charge, have the processing of your data restricted, correct your personal data, delete it or have it blocked (“right to be forgotten”), revoke consent granted and object to the processing of your personal data. Please, take into account that we store only location and trip data on our servers, but these data are anonymized so it’s not possible for us to link them to your identity and vehicle data without a physical access to your smartphone device. We will inform you if we cannot delete your data yet due to statutory retention obligations (see “How long do we retain personal data we collect?").

If you want your personal data to be deleted, please, contact directly the insurers you’ve shared your data through our app with.


Changes to this Data Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this Data Privacy Policy or parts hereof at any time at our sole discretion. The latest version can always be found on our website and/or in our app.

If you have any questions about or suggestions for improving this Data Privacy Policy, please, contact us at

Version 1.0 dated 12.03.2021